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Special Finishes and Seals – How to Whitewash a Wooden Floor by Acorn

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In the last six months we have seen an increase in enquiries for Special Finishes on Wooden floors, especially the Whitewashed Finish.

We Sanded and Whitewashed the whole downstairs of a house, what a difference it made, seeing the wood grain showing through the white. The rooms looked more spacious, brighter, and the floor complimented the Customer’s Contemporary furniture and soft furnishings.

We started by sanding the floors, working through the grits of sandpaper. It makes a vast difference using a Dust Containment system attached to the sander, which made it virtually, Dust free. That’s the benefit of using a Professional Sanding Company; they should have the latest technology.

I then made up a white tint but it could have been any colour, which is then applied to the floors. When the floors are completely dry we applied a clear lacquer over the floors to seal the wooden floor.

24 hours later the floor will be dry and you should be able to bring your furniture back in, making sure you have felt pads attached to furniture to avoid scratching your Beautiful floors.

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